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The Lux Gro 8 and 4 series fixtures are packed full of game-changing technology.

10 Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind what we make. LUX dynamics warrants the materials, workmanship, functions and finished appearance of the entire fixture body for a period of 10 years from the date of shipment for installations up to 150˚ F. Even further, we will handle your driver/ballast warranty needs so you won’t have to
deal with the manufacturer. Drivers or ballasts which become defective within the ballast manufacturer’s warranty (5-years) may be exchanged for new replacements by LUX Dynamics.

Extruded Aluminum

Our fixtures operate cooler! LUX dynamics manufactures its luminaires from precision engineered extruded 6463 aluminum. This means better heat dissipation. Since our ballast chamber is made of 100% aluminum, thermally designed to be a heat sink, our fixtures operate at a lower temperature than any fixture we’ve tested against. On average about 18 degrees cooler! And cooler means longer electronic life. It’s no wonder that our fixtures are specified by
municipalities, the US ARMY, and Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Precision Optics

Lighting designers know that inconsistent lighting creates the feel of a darker space. Our approach to optics is consistency. At LUX dynamics we know that even the slightest degree of change to a reflectors’ shape makes a tremendous difference in the performance. Using extruded, polished, tempered and then anodized aluminum is the
only way to ensure sustainability and consistency. On the other hand, the practice of bending metal reflectors, using flat-spots & creases to form a curve is the cause of spikes of light and inconsistent lighting. With LUX dynamics, “ What you design is what you get.”

Easy to Install

LUX dynamics luminaires install in ¼ the time! We do all the work for you. Simply snap on the provided aircraft cable hanger, do a single “J-box” connection and you’re done. We even strip the cord wire for you. All of our fixtures ship pre-installed with optional cord, lamps, occupancy sensors, emergency ballasts and even wireguards. “Less time equals greater profit.”

No Tools Required

It is our goal to ensure that you never have to work on a LUX dynamics Luminaire. However, should the situation arise we have ensured that our fixtures are the easiest to access important components. With exclusive spring loaded “LidLockers”, using only your hands, you can access the ballast compartment for inspection.

-“You’ll appreciate this when your 50’ up on a lift”

Plunger Sockets

Originally designed for highly explosion environments where sparking could ignite fumes, Plunger Sockets maintain consistent contact to the lamps and are a staple in all LUX dynamics Luminaires.

Integral Occupancy Sensor & Controls

LUX dynamics’ Luminaires can be ordered with integral occupancy sensors built into the fixture housing. With the Integral Sensors you do not have to worry about them getting broken as the external sensors have a tendency to do. Also, should you ever wish to add the sensors at a later date, Just order from LUX dynamics and they will
“Snap-In” with no additional wiring required.

Wire-Guards & Lenses

Independently Hinged wire guards for each (3-lamp) cluster of lamps makes re-lamping a cinch since the guard does not interfere with lift height when opened.  All of our wire guards can be ordered with Tool-less access (¼ turn) captive thumb screws making re-lamping a matter of 1-2-3.

Made In America

Although we are proud to design, manufacture and assemble our products in America, our biggest accomplishment is our staff. We employ the handicapped, disabled and mentally challenged to assemble our products with the most comprehensive Quality Assurance plan in the industry. “Powered before it is packaged” –we test every luminaire before it ships (within the limits of our voltage)

Lux GRO 8-3

  • Covers a 43”x48” area
  • 552 watts
  • Delivers 968 UMOL/SEC

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Lux GRO 8-2

  • Covers a 33”x48” area
  • 552 watts
  • Delivers 968 UMOL/SEC

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Lux GRO 4-2

  • Covers a 38”x30” area
  • 280 watts
  • Delivers 484 UMOL/SEC

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