Evolution of light & science has forged a new line of precision engineered full spectrum LED luminaires with an emphasis on specific wavelengths of Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) & Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) to optimize cultivation in a fully controlled environment using less energy & generating significantly less heat.

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Choosing Growlights

No matter what companies may say, there’s no way to sum up a grow light’s performance in a single number.

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Lux GRO 8-3

  • Covers a 43”x48” area
  • 552 watts
  • Delivers 968 UMOL/SEC

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The Intelligent Plant

Scientists debate a new way of understanding flora.

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Lux GRO 8-2

  • Covers a 33”x48” area
  • 552 watts
  • Delivers 968 UMOL/SEC

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Dailylight Integrals

Daily light integral (DLI) isn’t a very friendly term. The units are cumbersome, and the value can be confusing to measure. However, the DLI has a profound impact on plant growth and development for every crop.

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Lux GRO 4-2

  • Covers a 38”x30” area
  • 280 watts
  • Delivers 484 UMOL/SEC

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Blue 400-499λ Green 500-599λ Red 600-699λ Far Red 700-799λ
Val Val Val Val

We can outfit your growing space with the perfect LED
fixtures customized for your footprint & plant genetics.

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